When Howard Dubin, Founder and Sr. Partner of Your Money Matters, was 16 years old, he was parking cars at the most popular “Latin” restaurant-night club in the San Fernando Valley.  At the end of his shift, the owner of the restaurant approached him and, out of the blue, asked him to “take-over” running the parking concession.  He was too young and naive to decline, and just cocky enough to accept his offer (Mr. Dubin’s words).  Thus began his entrance to entrepreneurism.  He’s been a business owner in some fashion ever since.

The “scent” of Your Money Matters of Los Angeles is entrepreneurial.  Being located in the Miracle Mile is not accidental.  We want to be where the action is, physically, conceptually and philosophically.

Our experience, instincts and “out of the box” thinking provides more than the typical services of accounting, tax planning and tax reporting.  We are truly virtual CFO’s.  We become “members of your management” team.

We are already quite knowledgeable in many aspects of the Hollywood “Industry” and very expert in post- production, both audio and video.

If you are looking for a firm that can assist you with the mundane requirements of running a business, but can also mentor you in making your dream a reality.  You may just be on the right webpage.

Whether you landed here from a referral or an organic search, if what you read resonates with you, please contact us.

Nothing pleases us more than to help a business owner feel better about his/her business.  It’s what we do best.